Good health can be defined as having a complete state of mental, physical and social well-being.

The successful implementation of a structured programme of well-being in a business can result in better morale and engagement, along with a healthier, more inclusive supportive culture and lower sickness absence.

There are many positive initiatives and programmes available and justly the topic of well-being is increasing as a priority subject for senior management in established and developing businesses.

The Positive Venture team have been involved in the development of the health and well-being of people in both every day and very challenging settings. This experience enables us to provide informed guidance and effective support.

  • Do you as a business have an effective system for well-being for yourself and your employees?
  • Do you have regular and effective quality assurance for the well-being system?
  • Do you and your employees have access to the well-being system when working remotely?

The effective provision of well-being for all is an on-going one. The use of posters, general websites and the occasional staff meeting can assist the process, however, they alone will rarely provide the support that is required. Businesses have many areas that require attention and these can all demand time and resources, especially in these challenging times. The outsourcing of services can provide effective well-being for the workforce with accurate information for management reference whilst maintaining confidentiality throughout.

Did you know that according to recent reports (e.g. Deloitte January 2020) 1 in 6 workers are experiencing a mental health problem at any one time, and stress is thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain due to health issues.

Mental health understanding and prevention is ethically and morally very good to have in place. Employers should need very little persuasion for investing in prevention and support strategies with an average return of £5 for every £1 of their expenditure.



Do you have the feeling that something is not right?

You’re not in a good place?

Starting to feel pressure?

If you are experiencing any of these feeling or more take a look at some further information and support. Click here.

Take that step to a better you….


Change Management

Is there a change:

    • In your work?
    • The people you work for or with?
    • Your circumstances?

Our change management focuses on people, ensuring change is implemented thoroughly, smoothly and that the positive outcomes remain.

We work with you to identify exactly what is happening and how this could impact on well-being for you, your employees and the business if it is not handled correctly. We provide change management support.


Sometimes you need to break out from your everyday life and find out what you are really capable of.

Whether it is well-being support, training to lead others or simply needing to escape, our team here at Positive Venture are ready when you are.




What support can Positive Venture provide?


The goal is to stay physically and mentally well, avoiding, reducing and managing stress to enable us to overcome our challenges, feel better, establish and maintain appropriate relationships, and work productively whilst being safe. 


Our team at Positive Venture are driven to help others to understand that stress is not just something that can affect others, it can affect us all. We are here to help individuals and businesses through a variety of ways.  


We are all different in what we have going on in our work and personal lives we feel that there simply is not a one method fits all. This is why our approach is different from many. Firstly we like to  to listen and establish trust, after all, it is about you and how you feel.


The support services which we provide are available using two main pathways.


Pathway 1 – This pathway is a completely free service of general information and guidance available for all.


Pathway 2 – This pathway enters you into our full well-being programmes which includes all the features of Pathway 1 + Advanced level support for businesses and individuals. This is available as bespoke support packages which can enable yourself, your employees and your business to achieve sustainable well-being in the workplace.


Pathway 2 offers many ways to develop awareness, identify the signs and symptoms, establish support and development through strategies produced through understanding your specific needs. Having appropriately designed strategies for your business well-being results in the pace and scale of our support programmes is both realistic and achievable.


It all begins with a conversation. To discuss in confidence your well-being requirements with a friendly member of our team please use the ‘Send An Enquiry’ button below or use the ‘Contact Uslink.


Check our  ‘News’ section for Well-Being related information


We are here to help you and provide you with a way forward.