Positive Venture has the knowledge and experience which can only be established by working directly in a variety of settings. Our services offer quality solutions for your needs.


‘Helping you to achieve a new normal’


By spending time with you and listening to your specific needs we can provide the effective and personalised support you require.

Our expertise and success in covertly supporting individuals and organisations throughout the UK and overseas are now available for all.

Examples of our service areas available;

  • Guidance and support for Operational Management
  • Developing your Health and Safety policies and procedures
  • Achieving, maintaining and benefiting from a quality Well-Being support programme for you and your employees
  • Achieving Quality Assurance
  • Assisting Inspections and Investigations
  • Achieving and maintaining competence through Training and Development
  • The provision of Technical Advice and subject-specific Consultancy
  • Support for the safe and appropriate management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Whether you are very experienced or completely new to the subject area, a very large or very small business we are here and happy to help you.


Small Business – Specific Support

Where it is not reasonable or practicable for you to have a full-time manager/advisor employee dealing with just health safety and well-being we are here to help you.  Our range of support services can help you develop and maintain a safe, compliant and successful business.


Do not wait to have an accident before you decide to look at your business practices.

‘Hope’ is not a recommended business practice!

Plan Establish your objectives and operational procedures through constructive and pragmatic discussion enabling informed decision making
Do Implement the procedures and supporting services which are compliant and bespoke for your business
Check Obtain real-world clarification of how things are actually going and if you are on track to meet all of your objectives and legal requirements
Act Carry out the required actions to complete and maintain your desired outcomes. Enable further development of your procedures and the workplace environment.