Established in 2009 with our headquarters/office in Taunton, Somerset we have been working throughout with associates and clients from a wide variety of sectors and geographical locations.


Positive Venture is a service provider for businesses. The range of services has been selected to target the essential areas for success, quality and doing the right thing.


The services are offered for you, whether you need to work through large sensitive and challenging times or you just need to check something with us, we are here to help you step by step.


Our diverse collaborative culture and team spirit set us apart from the ever-increasing number of potential service providers. There is a time and a place for the textbook and the theory, at Positive Venture we live and work within the ‘real world’; our effective solutions and results are born out of knowledge and experience.


Welcome to Positive Venture – not your average team.


The are many teams, some good, some not so good, some famous, some not interested in fame.


Picture a group of people who were brought together as part of one of the world’s most elite groups. Individuals who have earned the right to be part of this.


A team of people that have gone to the limits of their physical ability and pushed themselves mentally to explore what they and others are truly capable of achieving.  Operating in some of the most hostile environments and navigating themselves through treacherous terrain. 


A team which is made up of talented, competent people, working in settings where there is no such thing as an average day, where being average would not be enough. Each team member needing to be exceptional. A team working with the same values and objectives.


A  team which comprises of leaders that can lead leaders. Individuals that have shown what real leadership actually is.  Individuals who have worked in specialist environments, achieved outstanding results and have set standards for others to reach. These individuals personify professionalism, courage, humility, selflessness and positivity in the face of a challenge. Individuals who now work as part of a team who give them everything, and they give the same in return.


Such a team would be amazing and a very rare thing to have.


Now with such a team, you have an outstanding foundation from which to build an even stronger team. One that can provide an even greater range of expertise and personality by adding specifically selected individuals who display the right qualities and ethos along with their professional competence.


We have that team!  We are all proud to be part of this team. We look forward to meeting and working with you.


Our mission is to provide structure and confidence to enable others to operate safely, supportively and successfully.


Our vision is to provide help and support for others.  We take great pride in providing a way forward for people and their businesses. As a company our vision is to advance as one,  continuing to develop our team and our range of specialist services.