We are proud of our team and the services that are available as a result of their diverse knowledge, skills and experience.


When & Why?


There are many times when a business could benefit from some external guidance beyond that of simply looking at the generic information found via searches on the internet. These results can vary considerably in quality and the information can be misleading.


Here at Positive Venture, we are not about surfing the web and publications trying to out do the marketing hype which other service providers may use, we prefer to concentrate on our clients and our own services to provide the high-quality professional support that we are all about.


“I have been employing the services of Positive Venture for over six years and have established a strong relationship with Antony as an external technical advisor and trainer.  He is utterly professional, diligent and reliable. 
I employ his services for staff development, audits, inspections of operational equipment and quality assurance.  These are areas where I believe external validation is essential. 
Antony has helped my team to develop management systems and audits that mean I feel comfortable a robust system is in place, which allows me to sleep better at night! 
He has excellent management skills and can read the emotional aspects of a team.  He shows great tact when reassuring less confident staff, whilst equally maintaining high standards.  This creates a better culture within the team and has led to improved productivity. 
Overall, I have such trust and faith in Antony and Positive Venture that I would not go to anyone else.  I have complete confidence in his skills and I would not hesitate to recommend him to other organisations, feel free to give me a call if you would like more information.”
Duncan Hardy –  Deputy Head






What support is available?


Here at Positive Venture, we work with you to establish the level of support which you required to move forward.

This may be as simple as an informal chat on the phone to reassure you or point you to an appropriate reference. Once we have established the support that you require we work in partnership with you throughout.

All business-specific conversations and information disclosures are managed confidentially.

Linked directly with our full range of support services our technical advice and consultancy works in partnership with you to establish, confirm and maintain safe, supportive and compliant methodology.

We as a team are here to help you. Our services are suitable for commercial businesses, the film industry, sports/leisure and outdoor activities, education providers (schools, academies, colleges, universities), training providers and the military.


“I was the team doctor for the 2003 Royal Navy Everest Expedition in which Dave summited via the North East Ridge and he subsequently taught me on a mountaineering course.
Dave’s technical expertise is superb and he combines a relaxed and engaging teaching manner with a steely hard physical toughness that makes him a highly professional outdoorsman.
Dave’s presence on a team vastly increases the chances of success. I would work with Dave in any environment.
Dave is passionate about supporting others in their personal development. As well as being enthusiastic, inspirational and the consummate professional, he has a good manner and is easy to get on with”
Dr Andy Brown MBE


Examples of the legal requirements


In the UK part of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) requires that as an employer or self-employed you must ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees, and persons other than their employees who may be affected are not exposed to harm. This includes the provision and maintenance of systems to work safely without risk to health.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) includes the health and safety arrangements; preventative and protection measures appropriate to the size and nature of the undertaking.

These requirements examples form part of a number of the statutory requirements for employers and the self-employed which we are here to help you navigate through.