We have established experience helping a variety of businesses and projects, some starting out for the first time with a new venture whilst others have been established and are looking for a fresh viewpoint and support for a way forward.


We are here to help you confirm what is going really well and to identify the areas which would benefit from development. Our approach following this will be to work with you to provide the level of support which you would like, to produce strategies and the successful implementation of these.

The aim being for you to achieve your vison and maintain the values of your business.



What is Operations Management?


The ability to establish business practices that create the highest levels of performance and efficiency within your workplace setting is a reflection of good operations management.


Operations management often involves a range of resources. This may include personnel, equipment, processes technology and materials.


Operations managers need to be able to provide, develop, and deliver services and/or goods to clients based on client needs whilst working within the capabilities of the business.


A combination of the understanding and coordination of the work taking place within the business is key to operations management.


An effective operations manager must be able to understand the processes that are essential to the business and how to enable these processes to work together smoothly and efficiently.


Operations managers are in place to ensure the delivery of products/services to customers. Ensuring the products/services are delivered within the agreed time frame.


Operations managers may also follow up with clients to ensure the products/services met the quality and were fit for purpose.


Any feedback obtained from clients or potential clients should be appropriately communicated to the respective departments associated with the product/service. This opportunity should be utilised to confirm the situation, identify where any action is needed and to give praise where it is due.


Operations managers are commonly involved in coordinating and developing new systems and processes. Organisation and effective, efficient productivity are core elements of operational management.



Change Management

Is there a change:

      • In your work?
      • The people you work for or with?
      • Your circumstances?

Our change management focuses on people, ensuring change is implemented thoroughly, smoothly and that the positive outcomes remain.

We work with you to identify exactly what is happening and how this could impact on well-being for you, your employees and the business if it is not handled correctly. We provide change management support.


Our team and support services are here to help you and your business.

New Businesses

    • Helping you prepare for the opening of your new business
    • Providing an independent overview of your proposed operational procedures
    • Assisting you with the production of management systems
    • Evaluating and reviewing procedures once the business has been running
    • Supporting you, your staff and the progress of your business

Established Businesses

    • Supporting you with solutions for needs that you have identified
    • Providing an independent overview of your operational procedures
    • Assisting you with the production and development of management systems
    • Evaluating and reviewing procedures
    • Supporting you, your staff and the progress of your business