The Positive Venture team includes top-level trainers who in addition to training individuals and teams they also train the trainers for a variety of subject areas whilst representing national and international organisations and representative bodies.



“Over 5+ years working in partnership with Positive Venture Butlins went on an incredible journey and established a strong relationship with Antony as a technical advisor and trainer. Antony’s expertise and professionalism played a huge part in driving our team and product forward.
Positive Venture supported us with many different services for our team development, audit processes, inspections of operational equipment, management systems and our team training. All of these services were vital and essential to our operation and for me to be able to sleep at night.
Antony supported myself and my leaders to develop robust management systems, build upon on our team development initiatives and team cohesion. This provided us a great platform to offer excellent sales and service standards alongside maintaining a safe and secure environment for our team and guests. Our team retention was outstanding and we were really able to offer an opportunity of a lifetime for a team in terms of their careers.
Antony’s excellent management skills and his knowledge as a trainer supported us to develop a high performing team which in turn increased our productivity levels and guest interaction scores.
Overall, I can say with my hand on heart that I have so much trust in Antony and Positive Venture that I would highly recommend them to other organisations”.
Sophie Kitchen
People Partner
Butlins Skyline Ltd






What if I am unsure which training is best for the business needs?

We are here to work with you to identify and confirm the training needs for your business and employee development.

The assessment of competence is used where applicable to identify and confirm the necessary skills, experience and knowledge are evident or if additional development is required.



“Train people well enough that they can leave. Treat them well enough so they do not want to”
Sir Richard Branson



“Dave delivered an amazing programme and equally inspiring event talk. I do think everyone at the conference hung off every word of his.  
Thanks Dave.”
Reuters News Agency


What training is available?

Training can follow our standardised programmes or our site-specific designed solutions.

Our range of training and assessment programmes is constantly evolving.


Examples of our current programmes are shown below.  Click on each picture to find out more details about the programme.

The Dark Sky Experience – Exmoor Dark Sky Reserve

Join us to experience the fantastic stargazing experience to be found on Exmoor. In October 2011 Exmoor was designated as the very first International Dark Sky Reserve. There are many brilliant things that you may see, for some you will need telescopes or binoculars to get the best view, however, there are many you can enjoy with your naked eye. Whatever the reason, the experience will build lasting memories.

If you would like a guided walk, a presentation, accommodation, a good hearty meal and refreshments we arrange experiences based upon you and what you would like. We look forward to stargazing with you