We are an exceptional team who have honed their knowledge, skills and experience through doing rather than assuming or simply looking at it theoretically.

The selection of the team leaders shown below was made to include some of the best talent in the sector.

When you work with us you will feel the passion and the energy for our work.

Our flexible, real-world, and proactive approach will allow you, your employees and your business to achieve the way forward and know that you have the genuine support there when you need it.


Notes for administrator 

I am obtaining profile pictures in black and white off of each team member. I have asked for two from each person. The idea is that the pictures will be laid out in a normal grid formation (pictures sized to should good image for each). When the cursor is moved over picture the second image along with the person’s name and area of expertise is shown. Having the second image in exactly the same frame size and black and white but a different pose will add a little humour but still give the professional information across. If you are unsure, I will see if I can find an example of this technique.  Below you will see names and sectors that they will head up. Please see an example of the technique which I would like to achieve regarding the pictures and layout https://brandandmortar.com/who_we_are/  

The black and white pictures will consist of the inital one being formal/buisness-like with shirt & tie and the second image will be a more informal image of the team member in a company polo shirt.

The page banner picture is to be decided upon.


Meet the leaders of our teams who will provide you with a way forward along with samples of their specialist areas:


Pic 1


Antony Reed

Founder/Managing Director

Sectors include: Military, Adventure/Outdoor Activities, Motor Industry, Schools/Colleges, Health, Fitness and Well-Being


Pic 2


Tony Veale

Sectors include: Construction, Military and Mental Health



Pic 3

Dave Pearce

Sectors include: Film/TV Safety, Adventure/Outdoor Activities, Health, Fitness and Well-Being



Pic 4


Zoe Richards

Sectors include: Care and Support



Pic 5


Geoff Harrison

Sectors include: Security, Protection and Overseas Support


Pic 6


Martin Chung

Sectors includes: Film/TV Site Safety, The Management of Change and Security


Pic 7


Vinny Molloy

Sectors include: Hazardous Dust and Fume Control


Pic 8


Jacek Wrzesniewski

Sectors include:Retail and Food Industry


Pic 9


Bob Whitlock

Sectors include: Event Management, Health and Well-Being


Pic 10


Steve Wright

Sectors include: Health, Fitness and Well-Being


Pic 11


Callum Mark

Sector: Operational Management


Pic 12

Paul Shergold

Sector: Manufacturing


Pic 13

James Barbour

Sector: General Management


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