The use of ropes course to provide not just a fun experience has long been known. You only have to look back at the use of them with the original Outward Bound Schools and Military training.

Today they are providing a vehicle for fantastic personal and social development. Examples of the specific areas which can be achieved include:

  • Fun!
  • Confidence Building
  • Team Development
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk-Taking Strategies
  • Stress Reduction
  • Coordination and Balance
  • Safety Awareness for self and others

Training is delivered and overseen by our highly qualified and experienced team.

The training can be delivered at your facility or one arranged by us.



Ropes courses vary in their types and applications. The EN 15567:2015 and the UK Ropes Course Guide form essential reference for the design of our training programmes and compliant assessments.

The European Ropes Course Association(ERCA) forms a collective from which we have active involvement and a model for our training, inspection and construction standards.

Our team at Positive Venture includes an ERCA Master Trainer (1 of under 10 Master Trainers in total across the whole of Europe). We provide you with expert guidance and support to choose the appropriate training and management solutions for your specific needs.

There are four well-established categories of ropes courses: Adventure Parks (AP), Traditional Ropes Courses (TradRC), Temporary Ropes Courses and Mobile Ropes Courses.



Instructor Training and Assessments can be provided for:

  • Low Ropes Courses
  • Temporary Low Ropes Course – Construction + Instructor + Equipment to Construct
  • Adventure Park – Self Belay and Continuous Belay High Ropes
  • Traditional Ropes Course – Assisted Belay High Ropes
  • Rescue Training
  • Refresher/Continuing Development Programmes

Ropes course experience days/sessions are available should you require delivery and a suitable venue.

Our team are here to help. The correct choice of training or ropes course experience for you can be discussed in a friendly conversation. 

Your ropes course training/experience begins with your enquiry. Please use the ‘Send an Enquiry’ button below or the ‘Contact Us’ link.