Bespoke delivery designed to optimise your cycling needs, from complete beginner to advanced rider.

Working with our lead road cycling coach Bob, you will be able to confirm your present knowledge, skill and general riding ability and build upon this.
We are able to accommodate;
  • Beginners through to Advanced Riders
  • Individuals and Groups.
  • Single or Multi-day programmes.
  • Residential or Non Residential
  • Tours or Fixed Locations
  • UK or France as locations (additional countries may be available upon request)


Should you just wish to ride and try some new routes either in the UK or overseas we are able to offer this option also.


“I have known Bob for over 5 years.
We initially met up at our local cycle club and throughout this time he has shown himself to be not only a great cyclist,
but somebody that is willing to go out of his way to help and develop others in the club.
That includes not only the more experienced cyclists that wish to develop the skills and fitness necessary to win races
and time trials, to those that are just starting out on a road bike and clipping in to pedals for the first time.
The coaching he provides to the novices not only gives them the skills and confidence to ride out safely with a group
of other cyclists, but also makes sure that they can carry out basic maintenance tasks and provide ‘first-aid’
to their own bikes so that they never get stuck out on the road”
Pat Able
Oxted Cycling Club


I am visually impaired and have been riding a tandem for four years and then finally bought my own tandem in January 2018. 
I have several “pilots” that take me out on a regular basis.
I decided to try an alternative pilot and some coaching, this is when I met Bob.
Bob is an experienced cyclist and coach who can support you if you wish to improve or work on different techniques.
 I wanted to specifically build up my confidence in descending.  Bob put me straight at ease as he said: “the best thing you can do is trust your pilot”.
As we descended slowly building up speed down a hill he talked me through exactly what he was doing which helped me relax which is exactly what needed to do. 
Bob said the pilot can feel when you are nervous and clinging on tightly to the stoker bars.  I felt a rush and more confidence when we approached the next downhill.  You instantly feel you are in good hands with Bob. 
The beauty is Bob can tailor what you need and give you bespoke advice to help you improve and help banish any fears you have.
Thank you Bob.
Amanda Whiteley
August 2020


For more information and to discuss your road cycling programme ‘contact us’.