Coastal & Countryside Leadership Training (including camping endorsement)

This course is for those wishing to lead groups in the rural countryside and coastal areas in South West England and South Wales in Summer conditions and involves non-remote/non-wild country camping.

This course is held over 2 days and will include an overnight camp.

Suited to those leading Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions.

*Please note that the camping endorsement is optional. Those who only require day walking in this setting please contact us prior to the course.





Coastal & Countryside Leadership Assessment (including camping endorsement)

The assessment course is held over 2 days and will include an overnight camp.

Candidates for assessment will complete theoretical and practical assessments.



A very competitive pricing structure has been maintained for the coming season. The costs shown are per person and based upon a minimum of 4 candidates per course.

  • Coastal & Countryside Training (includes Camping) £195 (2 days)
  • Coastal & Countryside Assessment (includes camping) £125 (2 days)
  • Coastal & Countryside Camping endorsement only £75 (Overnight)

Please note registration for the scheme is required (this is valid for all awards in the scheme). This is a one-off payment of £25.00. The registration will include your personal scheme logbook.

All prices shown are excluding VAT. This will be added at 20%

2023-2024 Dates

22nd-23rd April 2023 Coastal & Countryside Training (includes Camping)

8th-9th July 2023 Coastal & Countryside Assessment (includes camping)

7th-8th October 2023 Coastal & Countryside Training (includes Camping)

18th-19th November 2023 Coastal & Countryside Assessment (includes camping)

16th-17th March 2024 Coastal & Countryside Training (includes Camping)

11th-12th May 2024 Coastal & Countryside Assessment (includes camping)

Additional 2024-2025 dates to follow

*Please note that courses require a minimum of 4 candidates.

*If you would like to attend training outside of the dates shown above and you have 4 or more candidates please contact us as we are normally able to provide bespoke dates (this includes weekdays).

Contact Us‘ for a booking form and if you require further details at this stage.