What is local exhaust ventilation (LEV)?



LEV checklist for employers




 Possible solution


Which sources are causing exposure?


 Take advice from suppliers, trade associations, professional advisers, the HSE website and other reliable sources


What type of LEV system do I need?


 Write a specification. If necessary, get professional advice. Be very clear about the type of LEV hood needed. Make sure that your adviser has the competence and experience you need


Has my LEV system been installed and commissioned properly?


 Make sure your LEV system is installed and commissioned by a competent person. Get a full commissioning report and user manual. Ensure simple instrumentation is installed to    check performance (eg a hood manometer)


Have I, and my staff, been properly trained?


 Include training in your LEV specification document. Make sure employees and the person responsible for checking and maintaining the system are trained. Keep training records


How do I check and maintain my LEV system?


 Look at the user manual, which should list the checks and their frequency.

If you don’t have one, get one written. Appoint people to do the checks, maintenance and repairs. Record any checking and maintenance details in the logbook

Have you changed the way you work or the production process but not the LEV?


 Treat and plan changes to the LEV as part of any change to the production process. Don’t assume it will cope. Get the LEV system recommissioned


How do I arrange a thorough examination and test of the LEV?


What do I do with the report?


 Include a thorough examination and test in the yearly management cycle. Make sure that your examiner has the competence and experience you need.


Follow the recommendations in  the test report and carry out necessary repair work promptly