Wild Country is one of the leading producers for climbing equipment.  The official product lifetime statement is to be amended. The potential lifespan of Wild Country metal products has been unrestricted to a set amount of time. The effective lifespan does, however, depend on multiple factors.  The new recommendations is to replace these products after maximum ten years. Under extreme conditions the lifespan can be reduced to a single usage.

Products manufactured from synthetic fibers are subject to ageing even when not used. The ageing will depend mainly on the environmental conditions which includes UV light.


Statment from Wild Country


Product Life Time


The lifespan of the product is dependent on a number of factors, such as the manner and frequency of use, UV exposure, moisture, effects of weather, storage conditions, and dirt (sand, salt, etc.). Under extreme conditions the lifespan can be reduced to a single usage or even less, if the equipment has suffered damage (for example during transport) before ever being used. Please note: Products manufactured from synthetic fibres are subject to ageing even when not used. This ageing depends mainly on environmental conditions as well as the impact of UV light.


All metal products: The potential lifespan of metal products is unlimited, since the effective lifespan depends on the previously mentioned factors. We recommend replacing these products after maximum ten years.


Products with textiles: Faded or abraded fibers, any discoloring and hardening, or any irregularities in the core are a sure sign that the product should be taken out of use.


Indications of the product’s maximum lifespan:

Frequency of use Durability
Never: Correct storage up to 10 years since production
Once or twice a year up to 7 years
Once a month up to 5 years
More times a month up to 3 years
Every week up to 1 year
Almost daily up to 0.5 year


We have set up a sling replacement service in North America and are working on establishing one for Europe as it is requested from our customers.

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