From 24th July there will be almost no excuse for not wearing a face mask whilst out shopping in England. Not wearing one could not only put your own and the safety of others at risk but could result in a fine (currently indicated to be up to £100).

Around the UK the rules and guidance may vary however the choice, use and disposal of face masks is something that is with us and it is uncertain as to how long this will remain in place.

So how do you choose a face mask from all of the ones which have suddenly become available?

There are fashion statements, industrial use ones, homemade ones, improvised ones from scarfs etc so what is safe to use?

Do not panic, there is plenty of support and information out there to guide us. You will, however, need to filter through those which are just trying to get you to buy their products and there are plenty of articles out there which will be doing just that.

We have selected an example of the information which is out there to assist everyone from the BBC. This offers a range of general information regarding face masks and includes a series of short video clips. Please click here to view.

Stay safe.