We are pleased to have been part of the network of like-minded people and organisations who collectively met, discussed, researched, formulated and produced guidance. In this example, it has been brought together specifically for re-opening advice & considerations: high ropes courses, adventure parks and zip wire activities.

The guidance focus is on measures and considerations that cover the following areas:

  • Looking after staff
  • Managing risk
  • Communicating with customers

If you are working or operating within this sector of the industry the work completed will be of value. The guidance was produced with good intention to be utilised by all those who were looking for agreed statements and the most up to date information available at the time of production.

Please use the enquiry button below or use the contact us link if you operate within this sector and would like further details.

The situation regarding the COVID19 virus is changing with each new scientific advancement, knowledge development and government policy evolution, as with any guidance produced it is subject to reviewing and adaption to the latest information.