Working from home has become the new way of working for many people as a direct result of the COVID19 strategy. There are many people who working from home is not a new thing.

Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as they have for any other employee.

If you are an employer and you have employees working from home, whether the arrangement is permanent or temporary ask yourself:

  • How will you keep in touch with them?
  • What work activity will they actually be doing and for how long for?
  • Can this work be carried out safely in this setting?
  • Do you need to put any control; measures in place to protect them?
  • Do your policies and procedures include specifics for those who will be lone working?
  • Have all of your employees who may be working with display screen equipment carried out workstation assessments?
  • What provision do you have in place to prevent workers feeling abandoned, disconnected and isolated?
  • When was your employee well-being provision last reviewed to accommodate the current situation?

Working from home can be a great solution for both employees and employers, however, there should be no assumptions from either. For some the simple detachment from the normal place of work, colleagues and management could lead to anxiety and stress leading to an affect on mental health and general well-being. It is essential that procedures are put in place to maintain meaningful contact with home workers and be able to recognise the indicators of stress as early as possible.

To borrow a well known saying “It’s good to talk”

To do list

  • Confirm and clarify the arrangements for home working
  • Ensure employees have the correct equipment, this equipment is safe, functional and fit for purpose
  • Include employees in all appropriate communications and build in personalised contact to ensure confirmation of situation and not assumption
  • Have policy and procedures with actions to look after the well-being of employees

If you require further information or support for completing this Positive Venture are here to help