There are many First Aid sources out there. These have been developed to be very user friendly and are available for your mobile phone.

In the event of an accident even the most experienced people can have a blank moment. Here is when an app can jog a memory or guide from scratch through the process for a specific injury/condition.

An example of which our team have downloaded is the St Johns First Aid app.

This one as it is simple, follows approved practice and its free!

St Johns First aid advice app

Available for Android™ and iPhone® mobile device users, this first aid advice app provides easy to follow advice on a range of first aid scenarios, including CPR , diabetic emergencies, choking and allergic reactions.

Step-by-step instructions for all topics, so you know exactly what to do in an emergency
Easy to follow illustrations for guidance
Includes advice for treating adults, children and infants
No internet required to use the app: all the information is hosted on the app.

Click here to go to their website and the links to their apps.