Fire safety training is available for you and your employees delivered by fire industry experts.

Our trainers have genuine hands-on experience and are able to relate to real-world incidents and lessons.

You will receive up to date information and practical guidance.

We have numerous venues for the training or we can come to your location (please contact us to discuss if this is available).

We do not offer online training. Our training is face to face, theory and practice with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify your understanding.

In addition to our training programmes, we offer onsite fire risk assessment services.


When is training necessary?

  • when staff start employment or are transferred into the premises;
  • when changes have been made to the emergency plan and the preventative and protective measures;
  • where working practices and processes or peoples responsibilities change;
  • to take account of any changed risks to the safety of staff or other relevant persons;
  • to ensure that staff know what they have to do to safeguard themselves and others on the premises;
  • where staff are expected to assist disabled persons


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