These times are certainly different. COVID19 and the measures that have been put in place to manage the situation can add to our day to day pressures.


Sometimes we can feel as if it all becoming too much and that we are unable to manage all that we have going on in our lives. Stop! There are many ways to help us when we feel this way, some of which seem so simple but they can have really beneficial results.


Our team at Positive Venture come from a variety of backgrounds which provides us with a genuine appreciation of what you could be going through. The Well-Being services that we provide are currently being reactively developed and will shortly be made available. They will consist of two main pathways of support. Look out for this coming online soon.


If you feel that you need to try something now just to help release some of the anxiety which you are feeling and simply clear some space in your mind, try this…..

  • We can carry too much around with us mentally and this can lead to us feeling pressure because we do not want to forget something. A simple solution to try is to ‘write it down’, this allows you to ease the pressure that you may be experiencing knowing that you have the item/task written down so it is not going to be forgotten. Sounds too simple? Try it, you may surprise yourself. In this day and age with the modern tech you may wish to use a voice memo, electronic notepads etc, the key thing is to unpack some of the things which are causing you to feel stressed.
  •  Believe it or not, it is good that your mind is telling you that you have something to do or that you need to be aware of something after all this is one of nature’s ways of protecting us. The things that you are being reminded about are not going to simply go away normally, there is no advantage in simply trying to pretend that they are not there as this can lead to more levels of anxiety. 
  • One strategy you may wish to try is stepping away from what you are feeling is a pressured environment, this may just be stepping outside and sitting somewhere quiet, there is no set place, just somewhere for you to find some quiet time and avoid being disturbed. Not always easy to to do but well worth finding. Once you are in your escape spot, simply sit, and do nothing, just breath and take in the surroundings, clear your mind and just listen, look, feel, and smell your surroundings. Heightening the here and now and engaging your senses. Enjoy the simple pleasure of doing nothing!
  • When you are ready, try going through a checklist in your mind of what it is you have to do, what is worrying you. Acknowledge to yourself that you are thankful of the reminder that your body has sent you and you are doing something about this e.g. writing it down with some notes, maybe prioritising in which order you will deal with things. Writing things down (or voice recording) is the key.
  • What this can do is calm your mind down. You have acknowledged your mind and if you like, inwardly you have thanked it for the reminder, and now the mind has completed its reminder and you have things in hand it can calm down. This, in turn, can allow you to feel some release and able to think clearer and more positively.
  • Try these simple ideas to clear space and calm your mind, you may find yourself being surprised how simple actions can make such a difference.
  • There are many strategies to help us, the ones used here are examples of simple ideas for you to try. If they do not work for you there are many more ideas and types support available and there to help us through the challenging times.


Our dedicated Well-Being pages are there for you to view.


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