Adventure Professionals

We are proud to provide the way forward. Working for over 30 years in the highest levels of outdoor and adventurous activities has enabled our services to provide quality solutions for your needs.

Whether you are an individual, a member of a team or representing a multi-national company you will have access to a range of proven professional services. By spending time with you and listening to your specific needs we are able to supply exactly what you require. Our expertise and success in supporting individuals and operators throughout the UK and overseas is known industry wide.

Examples of our professional services available;
* Training of instructors and managers
* Technical Advisor provision for organisations
* Operational management support
* Quality assurance
* Risk and benefit analysis
* New activity design, construction and installation
    (e.g. ropes courses, zip wires, team building, new ideas!)
* School/Educational programme developments
* Educational Visits - Leader and management training
* Expeditions - Local area to worldwide
* Curriculum and programme delivery
* Team development
* Away days
* Group leadership

Currently we are developing our brand-new website. Whether you are very experienced or completely new to the subject area we welcome you aboard.

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